Quran Orientation

The Quran is broadly categorized into 3 areas

1/3 about Allah 1/3 about laws 1/3 is stories

Previous Holy Books represented in The Quran

All the previous Holy Books (Psalms of David, Torah, Bible) have a represention in the latest and final edition of the holy books- The Quran

Importance of Studying Tafseer (Detailed explanation of Quranic verses)

Reading the Quran without understanding it (or just reading only the translation) is like recieving a letter from the king and reading it in the dark...

Introduction to Dars e Quran by Dr Mir Aneesuddin

Full of examples, this lecture is quite detailed and comprehensive as an introduction to the study of the Quran.

Introduction to Tafheem Al Quran Urdu Audiobook - Surah by Surah explanation.

This is a very popular Urdu explanation of the Quran by Abul A'la Maududi

Quran - The Book of Allah

Preservation and the Miracle of the Quran

Why the Quran is in Arabic

Allah - Explanation of this UNIVERSALLY accepted name of The Creator

A linguistic study of the name ALLAH, as it the name of The Creator in ALL existing holy scriptures.

How the Quran is head of science

Allah speaks a lot about science in a telegraphic manner in the Quran, all of which has been proven by scientific discovery over time.

(Urdu) Why do we need the Quran?

Excerpt from spiritual journey of pop-star Junaid Jamshed (in discussion with Tariq Jameel)- the separate nourishment of the BODY and the SOUL.

2 prerequisites for studying the Quran

Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan talks about Academically studying the Quran and the Spiritual connection with the Quran as two different entities

Proof that the Quran has not changed since revelation